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"Yeh Zindagi Bohothe Laambie Hai, Magar Hamaara Wakhat Bohothe Kaam Hai." (Translation: This Life is Really Long, But Our Time is Short) [Source: Hum Tum]

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Kan Zaman (San Francisco, CA)

Middle Eastern
1793 Haight St & Shrader
San Francisco, CA

Middle Eastern food runs from vegetarian to shish kabob to good coffee in a very cool atmosphere built of incense, arabian or jazz music, red lighting, and private turkish couches. Remove your shoes, cross your legs, and relax. 3 cold and 2 hot maza (appetizer-style dishes) come as a combo. Baba ganoosh and fava beans are standouts among the many vegetarian dishes. Tomatoes and beef are mixed with onions, garlic, green peppers, garbanzo beans, and spices, all served on a bed of couscous. Chicken shish kebab is juicy. Garlic is used heavily in many dishes. Falafel is pretty good. Sunday brunch, too. Belly dancing friday and saturday 9:30pm-10pm. On sundays the "fat chance" tribe of belly dancers comes as a group (415 647-6035 or Lovers come here along with local haighters. Great seating area up front with pillows, low table, and a clear view out windows on to traffic, happy donuts, and the walking diversity of the haight. After your meal, smoke the hookah water pipe filled with apple or honey tobacco. Most every table tokes on these grand-sized sheesha pipes (called hookah in the haight). Be kind to nonsmokers-just don't exhale. The place stays open an hour or so after the kitchen closes.

Reviewer:Mark Beaulieu 3/3/1998 5:18:00 AM


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